Cookies Policy

What are the files “cookies” ?
This small files, recorded and stored on the Internet or user urządzniu. np. computer, tablet, smatfonie etc. Such a file typically contains the name of the website, from which, time the existence of this file, and a randomly generated unique number that identifies your browser, of which is a merger of the website.
Policy files “Cookies”
When you enter our website, on your computer's hard disk can be saved so. Cookies (z ang. cookies), that is, small text files sent by our server.
Cookies and similar technologies are used on Web sites primarily for the convenience of users, according to, to best customize the content and features of the site to meet their needs and expectations, and for statistical purposes.
In addition to the cookies sent from our server via our website, cookies can be sent to the selected servers, to which they refer, np. YouTube and social networking sites.
Saved on your computer, the information sent from our server never collect and does not process the.
Each user can change the settings for cookies in his browser, this completely exclude the possibility of saving. If you do not disable the ability to save cookies from our website, This is your permission to save and store on your computer.
Disabling cookies does not however not possible to browse our websites.
Any Internet user can adjust the level of protection from cookies to your preference, including the possibility of leaving completely block cookies. This increases the level of security and data protection, but it may also prevent some of the features. For information on the settings for cookies in different browsers are available on the websites of manufacturers of various web browsers.
For more information about cookies, see the file services