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Engine Repairs


What we do?

Moto-Szlif is a company with more than 40 years repairing diesel engines and low-. We repair engines cars, vans, Truck, as well as agricultural vehicles and construction machinery.
Renovating the historic motor vehicle
We provide, inter alia, ;

  • repair of motor,
  • regeneration of motor heads,
  • cut cylinders,
  • grinding of crankshafts

What is the repair?

Engine block - Regeneration:

  • cut cylinders
  • collaring of cylinders
  • alignment, supports regeneration of the crankshaft
  • regeneration of holes for the camshaft,

Cut the crankshaft:

  • checking the breakage of the crankshaft
  • crankshafts cuts
  • Polishing the crankshaft journals

Regeneration rod:

  • regeneration foot rod
  • regeneration of the connecting rod head
  • check the alignment rod

Regeneration of the head:

  • head pressure tested for leaks
  • planning head
  • Valve seat machining profiled blades and diamond grinding discs
  • replacement of the valve seats
  • Leak checking machined slots
  • replacement valve guides
  • replacement of seals
  • bearing / regeneration supports the camshaft
  • adjustment of valve clearance

Fixed mount components while maintaining standards of cleanliness. Motor after the repair is ready for operation (replace the filter and pour oil).
For the service we guarantee